1. Proposed gifts of library materials are subject to acceptance by the Gifts and Exchange Librarian who makes decisions based on the library’s collection development policy.
  2. When a gift is accepted, it becomes the property of the UPSE Library. Also, it has the right to determine whether the gift will be retained, where it will be located, how it will be organized.
  3. Materials not retained for the library collection may be given to other libraries or recycled.
  4. The UPSE Library does not accept collections of materials that must be provided separate housing or shelving or given extraordinary treatment other than those that by nature or value would be destined for the Rare Book Collection.
  5. The UPSE Library does not agree to a date for processing and assimilating donated materials but will complete these steps as practicable.
  6. Materials that are generally not accepted include:
a. Photoduplicated materials (i.e. books, journals, etc
b. Outdated or superseded materials
c. cattered volumes of multi-volume sets, unless needed to complete sets
d. Scattered or single issues of periodicals, unless needed to complete holdings
e. Materials in poor and unserviceable condition or those that are heavily highlighted
f. Duplicates of material already available in the library unless additional copies are needed
g. Unlicensed audiovisual materials, computer programs, electronic files, etc.
h. Electronic resources categorized as non-commercial personal use only and  individual subscriber’s rate.
i. Materials that require specific equipment or player that are no longer available in the library (i.e. Betamax, VHS tapes)
  1. The UPSE Library shall not be liable for any expenses (i.e. custom’s tax, delivery charges and other fees) for the delivery of donated materials.
  2. The UPSE Library does not provide appraisal value of donated materials for any reason